Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism In Slovenia

Slovenia is welcoming medical tourists from all over the world and doing the best it can to make it a superior destination, because of that the medical traveler benefits through the whole process.

The natural health resorts in Slovenia are known to be one of the top ten in the world. Traditional treatments along with modern methods are ideal for those medical travelers who seek not only to undergo surgery but to experience a true recovery and relaxation treatment.

Slovenian natural spas offer everything clients need for a relaxing vacation, or a successful recovery.

Rogaška Health Resort

The Rogaška Health Resort has a 400-year-long tradition of treatments with natural medicinal agents, such as Donat Mg mineral water, the magnesium-richest water worldwide. It helps with the treatment of gastroenterology, endocrine and heart diseases, metabolic diseases, malignant neoplasms of the digestive system.

The Rogaška Health Resort is the only health resort in Slovenia that focuses on the prevention, rehabilitation and further treatment of gastroenterological and endocrine diseases and post-surgery conditions.

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Donat Mg water drinking therapy in combination with other selected treatments is essential in eliminating obstipation, obesity, excessive stomach acid and heartburn. It has an excellent effect on the organism in stressful situations, during mental and physical strain, in patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, and during pregnancy when the need for magnesium is increased. Donat Mg is the world’s most magnesium-rich water. It contains over 1000mg/l of magnesium and is one of the world’s top healing waters.

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All services in Medical centre Rogaška are carried out under the supervision of 40 doctors in area of  Balneotherapy, Physiotherapy, Diagnostics, nutrition consultation, preventive managers and short check-ups, Dermatology and rejuvenation, Surgery (vascular, plastic), medical massages, body sculpting, acupuncture, cosmetic services and health programmes (food intolerance, detoxification, for kids, amateur sportsmen …). The Accreditation Canada Gold certificate proves the excellent quality of our services and the safety of our procedures according to the international standards of excellency in the quality of health treatment.

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Slovenian Natural Spas

  • 14 natural spas in four diverse regions
  • An over 600 year-old tradition refined with a modern offer 87 natural thermal springs
  • The temperature of the thermal water at the surface ranges from 24 to 73 degrees Celsius
  • Two world famous thermal healing drinking waters: Radenska and Donat Mg
  • Over 47,000 m2 of indoor and outdoor thermal water areas